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Dadfords Print Processing

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Dadfords Print Processing, formally Megalabs Print Services Ltd is an independent pro-photo finishing lab, based in the Kingsthorpe area of Northampton. As we are independent, we are not tied to any one brand, meaning we can constantly seek out the best materials and prices. In this way we have managed to grow to be a major competitor with all the big brands. We beat most other labs (the big ones, and the small) on prices, and our quality is second to none. We have regular customers all over the UK, as well as in Spain, ROI, Germany and Switzerland.

We use the latest technology from Nortisu, Epson, HP, Sony, Sawgrass, BMS, and others to produce prints, enlargements, panoramic's, canvas’s, gifts and more. All our work is carried out onsite, we never outsource.

In April 2015 we moved to our new production facility in the Nene Enterprise Center, in Northampton. We have continued to invest and grow our business, and now run 5 Noritsu processors in addition to various Espon wide format machines. 

We are very proud to say we are 100% carbon neutral, having offset our carbon footprint since we begin. Unlike most labs, we produce zero chemical or water waste, meaning we can do our bit to help the environment.

Opening Hours

We do not have specific opening hours and are not generally open to the public. Any customer collections must be made by appointment only. If you do wish to visit us, please call first on 01604 947310.