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Dadfords Print Processing


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Have you had a photography session at any Pixifoto Studio in the UK?

You may be aware that the nationwide photography studio's Pixifoto has recently ceased trading. Following a short consultation, an agreement with the liquidation company been reached, and Dadfords are pleased to announce that we have acquired all Pixifoto trademarks, names, websites, and server hardware. These servers contain studio images from the studios across the UK. These computers are soon due to be wiped clean, and all data and images erased.

Before we start the erasing process, there is a chance that we may still have your images; once we confirm they are present, we are able to save them and sell you the JPG's at cost of £50 for per sitting, which includes all the images taken within your session, and a copyright disclaimer passing full ownership of the images to you. Of course if you want prints as well, we are able to supply those for you once you have purchased the digital copies. 

Before we offer you this one-time deal., we first need to confirm we still have your images. To allow us to find your data, can you please tell us your;

  • Full Name
  • Studio Location
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • Approximate date of your studio sitting

We can then check the servers, and if we can locate your images we can arrange for you to view samples prior to purchasing them. Please email the above information to pixifoto@dadfords.com and we will search for your images, and then email you with samples along with details on how to pay.


Please be aware that when purchasing digital images they are no longer saved in an online gallery for viewing; instead you are buying the high resolution copies, which must to be downloaded to your computer. Once your purchase is complete, and your images have been prepared, you will receive an email with a link to download your images. This download will be a ZIP file and is suitable for downloading to a PC or MAC. The download is available for 2 weeks from the time of the link being sent to you, and then will be removed from our system. Images can be downloaded as many times as you like within this two week time-frame, but they MUST ultimately be saved somewhere safe on your computer. Once the link expires your download will no longer be accessible, and you may be charged a fee to re-initiate this download. It is your responsibility to ensure the images are downloaded and saved somewhere safe.

By purchasing digital images, you agree to the following important terms and conditions;

  • You will download the images within two weeks of receiving your download link.
  • Once your download link has expired you will lose access to your images.
  • It is your sole responsibility to save these images on your computer.
  • Dadfords Print Processing Ltd are simply supplying images, and have no control of quantity of digital images.
  • Dadfords Print Processing Ltd are unable to perform any editing.