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Dadfords Print Processing

Instagram Style 

Image SizeOverall SizeCost
Standard 90 x 90mm 102 x 102mm £0.25
Large 111 x 111mm 127 x 127mm £0.30
Extra Large 135 x 135mm 152 x 152mm £0.35

Instagram Style prints.

Inspired by the classic Polaroid prints, these instagram square prints come with a chunky white border all round. Perfect for 4", 5", 6" square frames. 

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Polaroid Style

Image SizeOverall SizeCost
Standard 80 x 80mm 102 x 102mm £0.25
Large 100 x 100mm 127 x 111mm £0.30
Extra Large  115 x 115mm  152 x 133mm  £0.35

Polaroid Style Prints.

Our Polaroid style prints come with a chunky border around the sides and top, with a larger border at the bottom - a truly retro and timeless style of photograph. 

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